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About me

Realtor in New Jersey

Meet Your Realtor, Carla Rogers

Carla is a well-known professional who understands that superior client service and dedication are smart business. She brings knowledge, experience, and her own special brand of humor to every transaction! It would be her pleasure to meet you to begin the search for your piece of heaven on earth!

Her understanding of excellent client services stems from her colorful and decorative sales background. When not in my office, Carla may be engaged in any one of the following activities that fill my life with fun and joy: tennis, swimming, mini-vacations, salsa dancing, yoga or simply enjoying her large family, relatives or friends.

Why Real Estate?
Carla loves working in New Jersey and serving in the community through her real estate profession – she “couldn’t ask for a better career”. She enjoys the many opportunities that real estate provides to acquaint newcomers with this beautiful area and to assist them in finding the property or rentals that fits their needs. With the extensive knowledge from her numerous years of experience and her commitment to professionalism, Carla endeavors to educate buyers and sellers so they can make informed choices. She finds the challenges of the real estate business to be both life-changing and fulfilling.

As a full-time agent, Carla’s approach to real estate is focused around getting to know her clients as real people and taking care of them from beginning to end. She finds great satisfaction in being able to put her energy into helping people make the best decisions with real estate investments. She is most proud of the relationships she has built with her clients – helping them to grow and meet the changing needs of family and location, while advising them how to maximize the return on their investment.

Why Choose Carla?

She knows the local market.

Carla has worked, traveled, lived and dined all over the New Jersey area for over 15 years and can help you select the best property for your needs. 

She understands the client’s needs.

Carla knows exactly what you mean by “cozy home, beautiful view, price range, etc.”

She will work hard for you.

She really listens to you and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

What makes Carla the right real estate agent for you?

Carla’s clients will feel confident knowing that she is pleasant, professional, hard-working, enthusiastic and organized.

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